360 SafeGuard is a Reliable and Excellent Information Security Program

360 SafeGuard is a Reliable and Excellent Information Security Program

Qihoo 360 SafeGuard was designed to stop Trojan horses, malware, computer viruses and offering security patches for Microsoft Windows. The trojan horses scanner of 360 Safe Guard is cloud-based while a heuristic engine is incorporated into the scanner.

360 SafeGuard have made amazing achievements as far as the Internal security field is concerned. This security program witnessed a monthly client infiltration rate of 3.43 percent when it was launched in July 2006.

However, the number increased to 19.64 percent by the end of 2006 and the monthly customer infiltration rate had twice over in July 2007, getting to 31.89 percent. 360 SafeGuard became the prevalent Internet security software in China by September 2007. 360 SafeGuard far exceeded substitute and competitive products by February 2010, and became the most trusted and most popular Internet security software.

This reliable and excellent information security program astonished a lot of users by increasing its market share in only half a year. It is a two-time winner of the world-leading VB100 test. As a result, its competitors have already been left far behind and reconfirmed its excellent performance and competences.

360 SafeGuard is the leading Internet security software in China as well as the most excellent information security software across the world. To confirm this, it was awarded the Reliable Product of the year in the 10th China Information Security Conference in China in 2010.

(4 raters, 20 scores, average: 5.00 out of 5)

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